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Subscription Information and Back Issue Ordering

Note: Since the Canadian dollar and the US dollar are very close to par, prices for outside of Canada are now the same amount whether paid in Canadian or US currency.

Subscription (includes 2 issues and shipping, starting with issue 10):
Canadian subscriptions: $5.00 Cdn 
 US subscriptions: $7.00 Cdn/US
International subscriptions: $10.00 Cdn/US

Back issues available: Issue 3 *  Issue 4 *  Issue 7 * Issue 8 * Issue 9)

Cost (including shipping) per individual issue:
Canadian orders: $3.00 Cdn 
US orders: $4.00 Cdn/US
International orders: $5.50 Cdn/US

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Or... send a cheque or money order, along with your name, address and email, to:

Cheryl Dobinson, #705-88 Isabella St., Toronto, ON, Canada M4Y 1N5

(Cheques should be made out to Cheryl Dobinson)