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The Fence is now accepting submissions for its **11th** issue, due to be publish Summer 2010. So send me your writing and/or artwork!! This includes but is not limited to - short articles, rants, personal narratives, lists, stories, fiction, poems, quotes, reviews, comics, drawings, photos, collages, and so on.....

Zines are small, so keep your submissions under 2000 words please. Artwork needs to be easily reproducible in black and white. (This is a low tech, cut and paste, photocopied type production.) Previously unpublished stuff is much preferred.

Some possible topics: ** bisexuality and feminism ** unique experiences of bi women ** bi community/lesbian community ** coming out issues ** challenging myths and stereotypes about bi women ** health and wellness info for bi women ** monogamy ** polyamory/nonmonogamy ** sex and dating stories ** comments on pop culture representations of bi women ** biphobia ** relationships ** cool resources **

Basically anything that has to do with bi women or that might be of interest to bi women is welcome. I'm looking forward to receiving many excellent submissions!!

I'd like to have submissions for the next issue in hand by June 1, 2010. I'm looking forward to many excellent submissions as always!

Send stuff to:

Cheryl Dobinson/The Fence
#705-88 Isabella St., Toronto, ON, Canada, M4Y 1N5